Encontros de amor

Ao falar de amor no blog, lembrei desses dois filmes.

O primeiro encontro - Before sunrise - Antes do amanhecer

O segundo encontro - Before Sunset - Antes do Pôr-do-Sol

"The title itself, Before Sunset differs from Before Sunrise. During the day we are awake experiencing realism. During the night we experience our dreams and the magic. There is a certain intrigue in between the sun's slumber and it's rise - in that it continues long before we stop to exist. The love is as eternal in the mind and in the heart, as it ever will be in the physical sense. The first movie was a dream the second movie was a reality. The Waltz is the only thing that connects"

Let me sing you a waltz 
Out of nowhere, out of my thoughts 
Let me sing you a waltz 
About this one night stand 

You were for me that night 
Everything I always dreamt of in life 
But now you're gone 
You are far gone 
All the way to your island of rain 

It was for you just a one night thing 
But you were much more to me 
Just so you know 

I hear rumors about you 
About all the bad things you do 
But when we were together alone 
You didn't seem like a player at all 

I don't care what they say 
I know what you meant for me that day 
I just wanted another try 
I just wanted another night 
Even if it doesn't seem quite right 
You meant for me much more 
Than anyone I've met before 

One single night with you little Jesse 
Is worth a thousand with anybody 

I have no bitterness, my sweet 
I'll never forget this one night thing 
Even tomorrow, another arms 
My heart will stay yours until I die 

Let me sing you a waltz 
Out of nowhere, out of my blues 
Let me sing you a waltz 
About this lovely one night stand 

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